100 E Adams St. - Jacksonville, FL 32202

180 Sq ft

1000w Stage Left
1000w Stage Right
1000w Drum Monitor

3000w DAS Loudspeakers
3400w DAS Sub-woofers


Allen & Heath QU-16
Digital Console
16 mic preamps, plenty of mix busses, multi track recording capabilities

Plenty of stands of all heights Plenty of XLR cables of all lengths, a few 1/4” and Speakon cables too

Mic Locker:
(2) AKG D112
(5) CAD Tsm 411
(2) SM57
(2) SM58
(3) Sennheiser e835
(1) Beta 58a
(1) Sennheiser e609
(1) Audix OM2
(1) EV Co9
(1) EV PL44
(1) Shure 183
(1) Sennheiser e606
(1) CAD KBM 412
(1) CAD D80

& a half dozen cheaper vocal mics

Radial dual channel passive DI 5 other channels of DI

Recording Services

Please tell the sound engineer that you would like to record your set using the form on this page, and meet one hour prior to your set time. Send any stage plots or technical information in advance.

Package FCompletely free: multitrack WAV files of the set for you to mix down.

What? If you are handy with a DAW, and you remember to bring your laptop to the show, you can do the post production yourself!

How? After filing out the form, meet with sound engineer about recording your set at least one hour prior to event start. At the end of the night, when the hard drive is no longer in use, files will be transfered to your laptop at ultra fast speeds.

Package D – $25: Quick mix in one long mp3 file.

What? A sound engineer will load your tracks into the computer, set quick fader levels, compress the master bus, and very simply mix down the whole show.

When? Typically, the next day the engineer will send you an email with the entire show in one MP3 file. Usually, these recording are used by bands as a objective measure of progress, and not released to the public. If the band likes the direction this first mix is headed, bands receive a $25 credit toward any further refined mix.

Package C – $50 per Half Hour of Performance

What? More thorough mix down and basic mastering. The set is broken-down into songs and formatted for Mp3 release on the Internet.

When? Typically mastering takes 2-3 days, the engineer will email MP3 files.

Package B – $100 MP3 Release Entire Set

What? Mix down with a fine tooth comb, using all the applicable studio tricks to make a professional record. That isn’t to say we’re going to “overproduce” your music, we’re just going to do a few more hours of critical listening and make subtle use of compression, eq, and delay to bring out the best in your performance. Includes quick mastering.

When?: Typically, within 3-5 days, the engineer will email the mp3 files and arrange for the transfer of the WAV mixdown and multitrack files.

Package A- $150 Mixdown and Multiformat Mastering with 1 Mix Revision

What? In addition to performing a thorough and musical mixdown. We will master your music so your songs sound just as loud and clear as your favorite bands. This extra step takes a proper listening environment and a keen understanding of every genre and the limitations of each release format, and includes additional mastering for different release formats. Multitrack, mixdown, and mastered files in WAV or MP3 format.

This option also includes: 1 complimentary mix revision or notes session. Send a detailed list of the exact changes to be made to the mix, and we will make them. The appropriate format for each note is: Which instrument? What changes need to be made? During which parts should the change be made?

When: 3-5 days for the initial mix down, and the notes session must happen within 2 weeks.
Attended mix sessions are available.

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