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Beer Review: Oskar Blues Brewery’s G’Knight Imperial Red IPA


Aug 28, 2014 Beer, News , , 0 Comments

  The imperial red ale is an enigma. In the hop-saturated world that is the modern craft brew scene, it is a style which often falls by the wayside, ending up squarely in IPA territory, with no distinctly notable qualities to separate them from their more golden hued cousins. Oskar Blues Brewery’s G’Knight, on the other hand, manages to stand [read more]

Beer Review: Traveler Beer Co. Jack-O Traveler


Aug 26, 2014 Beer, News 0 Comments

Now here are two words I never expected paired up to describe a beer, Pumpkin Shandy. A shandy in the fall? If you haven’t heard of Traveler Beer Company, your summer parties were missing these beers. The Jack-O Traveler likes tricking patrons into buying him beer then dipping out when it’s his turn. An American craft wheat beer brewed with fresh [read more]

Beer Review: Cigar City Vanilla Aged Maduro Brown Ale


Aug 19, 2014 Beer, News 0 Comments

Cigar City Special Release Vanilla Aged Maduro Brown Ale You don’t have to get me talking beer for very long before the name Cigar City from Tampa, FL comes up. I’ve sung praise for their masterful brews since the earliest days of my craft beer journey, when beers like Jose’ Marti and Jai Alai first fell into my hands. Maduro Brown Ale is [read more]